With over 30 years of experience, Hugall & Hoile Reticulation has been a trusted provider of commercial irrigation solutions. From the Botanic Gardens, St Peters College, Hindmarsh Square, Victoria Park, Blackwood Golf Course, Waite Campus to parks, gardens, shopping centers, and open spaces, we have successfully designed and installed irrigation systems that deliver customer-friendly results. Our aim is to ensure years of trouble-free service, promoting healthy turf and vibrant landscapes.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of products, including Hunter, HR Products, Rainbird, Rainfall, Philmac, Netafim, Toro, Vinidex, Plasson. Whether you need sprinklers or controllers, we have you covered. Moreover, we provide irrigation system upgrades and regular servicing to maintain peak efficiency and optimize performance.

At Hugall & Hoile Reticulation, we are not only dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services but also to meeting your specific requirements. If you have any questions or need assistance with your commercial irrigation project, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help.

Clients Projects
Southcote Farm - Pt. Elliot (2009) Construction of 91Kl stock tank, 91Kl firewater tank and 45Kl transfer tank, approx 1.5K DN75/DN63 & DN50 bore water delivery mainlines with 1 main bore pump and 1 transfer pump system
Adelaide Shores Trust Bungalow Area Irrigation Mainlines
Frank Mitchell Reserve – City of Charles Sturt A/G Concrete Tank, Grundfos Multistage Pump, Bore Connection, mainlines, laterals & sprinklers
Ledger Reserve – City of Charles Sturt A/G Concrete Tank, Grundfos Multistage Pump, Bore Connection, mainlines, laterals & sprinklers
Allenby Gardens Reserve – City of Charles Sturt A/G Concrete Tank, Grundfos Multistage Pump, Bore Connection, mainlines, laterals & sprinklers
Woodville Oval – City of Charles Sturt Mainlines, laterals & sprinklers & connections to Bore & SA Water Mains.
Donald Reserve – City of Mitcham A/G Concrete Storage Tank, Booster pump & Bore Connection, + Irrigation system
Flagstaff Hill Oval – City of Onkaparinga Irrigation system & connection to existing pump station
Elm Avenue – Adelaide University – Waite Campus Mainline & main connection Drip system for Elm Trees
Adelaide Shores Trust Drip Irrigation system to garden areas
Stage 1 Recycled water delivery system – Adelaide University – Adelaide Campus Backflow Devices, Mainlines , Sprinklers and road pavements restoration
Jubilee Parks, Trust Reserve, West Lakes Shores Oval, Croydon Station & Sam Johnson serve Puppy Park all for City of Charles Sturt Reserve & Oval Irrigation systems including backflow prevention, connections to bore, pumps etc
St. Peters College, Hackney Construction of 2 x 385K U/G Concrete storage tanks, approx 3400metres of DN160/110/90 mainlines and 10,800metres of DN80/50/40 sprinkler distribution laterals to a total of 9 playing fields/ovals
SA Rowing Club Irrigation System at Rowing Centre including connection to Storage Tanks
Gliderol Oval – City of Holdfast Bay Irrigation System to Oval & Spectator Mounds incl. connections
Twelftree Park Reserve – City of Payneham, Norwood & St Peters Irrigation system & connection to existing DCV
Seed Propagation Beds – City of Salisbury Sub-surface drip system and sprinkler system including connection to existing ASR Mainline
Ross Avenue Reserve, Grange Oval, Henley Oval, Woodville Bowling Club, St Clair Centre for City of Charles Sturt Irrigation systems to Reserves, Ovals & Railway Station Reserve
Grange Golf Club Construction of approx. 7000metres of DN160/110/90/63 mainline and laterals to the new East Course at the Grange golf Club
Regency Park Golf Club (Tron Civil) Northern course irrigation modifications for South Road Super-way construction
Westminster College Playspace Irrigation System modification
John Miller Reserve – City of Holdfast Bay Irrigation system & connection to A/G tank