Please come and visit us at our showroom… Whether you’re:

 Saving it or recycling it
 Moving it or filtering it
 Spraying it or sprinkling it
 Pumping it or dumping it

You’ll find everything you need at our irrigation and pump showroom or if the particular parts you require are not available we will order them in for you!Our range includes everything from the most basic poly, nylon and PVC fittings for your most simple, one-off jobs; through to the most complex, sophisticated pumps and irrigation and pumping systems for those heavy-duty, industrial applications incorporating long-lasting brass, stainless steel and galvanised components…. and if it’s ideas you’re looking for, you’ll find a mountain of those as well; with expert assistants to guide and advise you.You see, the staff at Hugal & Hoile are the experts! We can advise you on anything you need in the way of irrigation and water solutions; and we can provide you with the most suitable, up-to-date solutions to your problems.